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Shorty Doowop lyrics


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     Shorty Doowop
    >> Baby Bash
    Yeah, that?s my shorty doowop
    Yeah, that?s my shorty doowop
    Yeah, that?s my shorty doowop
    And I can?t wait to be alone with you

    I bet you aint never seen a shorty so fly
    Pushin catty plaint with the chrome choppin' by
    Throwin up player wave to my riders on the block
    They all show love to my shorty doo-wop
    In a juicy fruit jeans love that 315s
    Livin every fantasy and ghetto girl dreams
    Watchin swinging bang and she in another corner
    Lookin way cool comin through with the doshure
    Now after two honey buns I discovered the buzz
    I?m call her shorty she gonna call me love
    And through the thick of it all
    She excepted collect calls
    When the daddy got caught up by the law

    [Repeat chorus]

    For real though, for real though, for real though
    She the girl in the movie and I?m the hero
    Stuck with me with the vibe legged pero
    And came up when she started with zero
    Baby Bash Latino Robert DeNiro
    She got with me cuz her hubby was a weirdo
    And yes sir she lookin so mighty mighty
    Love me cuz I?m fresh and clean and so tighty
    And theres a piece to the puzzle, the grind, the hustle
    Respect when I?m good and love me when I?m in trouble
    And yes sir, oh no, and yes sir she lookin so throw

    [Repeat chorus]

    I can?t wait to be alone with you
    Cuz you the only boo who do the freaky things you do
    You keep me fellin high you keep my drama low
    Yea I?m your shorty boy but you already know

    [Repeat chorus]
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